Gaze Pt. 1 (Hermann Park Sculpture Garden Editorial)

I'm the first to admit that I'm terrible at narrowing down my own images. This editorial was specifically difficult for me. When we featured it in the Paracosm issue for Velvet Dust- the images were all edited black & white which I loved. Here, I've kept some as such but included some of my favorites color edits. This editorial focuses on obscuring our beautiful model's face through various avenues: her back simply turned to the camera, the deception of reflection, and her scarf both blurred with motion and serving as another sculpture, frozen in time. I'll be posting more images from this editorial because I just can't help myself but for now, enjoy. 

Model: Marie Boone

Art Direction & Wardrobe: Jessica Thompson

Art Direction & Photography: Paige Newton 

Location: Hermann Park

The Oracles (Austin, TX Editorial for Velvet Dust)

I wanted to share outtakes from The Seekers editorial I shot for our last issue of Velvet Dust. All I have to say it, cellophane and prisms go a long way. :) Enjoy! 

The Oracles

HMU: Ashley Rae Hancock

Models: Mariah Brownwood, Cierra DelRosso, & Melissa Taylor Jenkins

Styling: Jessica Thompson

Costume Design: Melissa Taylor Jenkins of Katastrophic Clothing

Location: Palm Door on Sixth

Set Design: Paige Newton & Jessica Thompson 

Set Assistant: Melissa Dale Brooks

Camera Obscura (Austin, TX Editorial Photography)

Back in May, I had the pleasure of viewing the Abelardo Morell exhibit at the High Museum in Atlanta. I was totally blown away by his beautiful work and was particularly inspired by his camera obscura pieces. I wanted to try to create my own camera obscura for our Paracosm issue of Velvet Dust. It truly is an amazing process. Once you black out all sources of light and cut a small hole to serve as your "camera lens", whatever is outside literally appears inverted on the opposite wall. Please take some time to study these images- the clouds in the sky, the flowers in the tree, the power lines... While I'm nowhere near Morell, I'm so pleased and proud of the final result. Enjoy!