I'm terrible at blogging because- let's be honest- I'm a photographer, not a blogger. But I'm doing my best to play the game and post semi-regularly (we'll see how long I last). I recently started collaborating with Ana of The Gold Atlas and it's been so fun snapping her photo and getting to know her over the past few months. So I figured I'd end my 2+ year hiatus from blogging by sharing a few images from our most recent shoot together. I love her style primarily because she's a shortie like me so we're always sharing our woes of too-long inseams. She's also a REAL GIRL and isn't spending heaps of money on clothes that her audience can't afford. And more importantly, Ana's got a huge heart and loves humans. Which I approve. 

Hope you all enjoy the start to the holidays and enjoy this cool weather looks from Ana! 

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