Kim Cypert (An Artist's Studio in Houston, TX)

Let me just start this one by saying- Kim Cypert is one of my favorite humans I've ever known. And I've known her for a LONG time. Most of my life, in fact. We grew up two houses away from another (sandwiching two sisters who I also love lots and lots). Kim has always been one of my friends who was talented at a ton of different things- music, soccer, art... you name it, she's pretty much amazing at it. Last summer, I popped by her studio in Houston and snapped some shots of her art for Velvet Dust but I wanted to share some of the outtakes. She'll probably be embarrassed because she's also one of the most humble ladies you'll encounter but she can get over it. :) I could go on and on about what a bad ass chick she is but what I really want you to do is go check out her art immediately. Enjoy!