Camera Obscura (Austin, TX Editorial Photography)

Back in May, I had the pleasure of viewing the Abelardo Morell exhibit at the High Museum in Atlanta. I was totally blown away by his beautiful work and was particularly inspired by his camera obscura pieces. I wanted to try to create my own camera obscura for our Paracosm issue of Velvet Dust. It truly is an amazing process. Once you black out all sources of light and cut a small hole to serve as your "camera lens", whatever is outside literally appears inverted on the opposite wall. Please take some time to study these images- the clouds in the sky, the flowers in the tree, the power lines... While I'm nowhere near Morell, I'm so pleased and proud of the final result. Enjoy!

Model: Minna Adel Rubio

HMU: Raven Camacho

Art Direction & Photography: Paige Newton

Art Direction & Wardrobe: Jessica Thompson

*This is an actual hand made, room size camera obscura

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