Paracosm World (Austin, TX Editorial Photography)

Last Thursday, we launched our Summer issue of Velvet Dust! Our theme was Paracosm-  "a detailed imaginary world created inside one's mind. This fantasy world may involve humans, animals, and things that exist in reality; or it may also contain entities that are entirely imaginary, alien, and otherwordly." Thus, we created our own little world. Three mysterious oracles in their vibrant habitat, a beautiful dancer surrounded by her animal friends in their colorful forest home and a beautiful sea siren in a cold and icy land. I'll definitely be posting more from each world but until then enjoy the official Velvet Dust editorial The Seekers.

Art Direction: Jessica Thompson & Paige Newton

Photography: Paige Newton

The Oracles

HMU: Ashley Rae Hancock

Models: Mariah Brownwood, Cierra DelRosso, & Melissa Taylor Jenkins

Styling: Jessica Thompson

Costume Design: Melissa Taylor Jenkins of Katastrophic Clothing

Location: Palm Door on Sixth

Set Design: Paige Newton & Jessica Thompson 

Sea Siren:

HMU: Juli Ristau

Model: Devin Willow

Costume Design: Melissa Taylor Jenkins of Katastrophic Clothing

Art Direction: Jessica Thompson

Location: McKinney Falls

Woodland Animals:

Animal masks: Sarah Oppelt

Models: Crash Alchemy

Costume Design: Agent Red of Crash Alchemy

To read more about Crash Alchemy, please go here.

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