Dualities Part IV

This is the fourth installment of our Velvet Dust Dualities editorial featuring one of my favorite humans. You can view it as the entire editorial here.

Model: Andrea Nakhla

Makeup: Ashley Rae Hancock

Hair: Diamond Mueller

Wardrobe: Jessica Thompson

Photography: Paige Newton 

Location: The Neon Jungle

Featured wardrobe by Gail Chovan 

Dualities Part III

Here is Part III from our Velvet Dust Dualities issue- you can view the entire editorial here.

Part III

Model: Hannah Oppelt

Makeup: Nisa Nicole

Hair: Kyla Ramirez at Path Salon

Floral Headpiece: Valerie Wolf of Davy Gray

Wardrobe: Jessica Thompson

Photography: Paige Newton 

Location: Path Salon, Tillery Plant Street Co.

Special thanks to Big Bertha's Paradise

Paracosm World (Austin, TX Editorial Photography)

Last Thursday, we launched our Summer issue of Velvet Dust! Our theme was Paracosm-  "a detailed imaginary world created inside one's mind. This fantasy world may involve humans, animals, and things that exist in reality; or it may also contain entities that are entirely imaginary, alien, and otherwordly." Thus, we created our own little world. Three mysterious oracles in their vibrant habitat, a beautiful dancer surrounded by her animal friends in their colorful forest home and a beautiful sea siren in a cold and icy land. I'll definitely be posting more from each world but until then enjoy the official Velvet Dust editorial The Seekers.

Art Direction: Jessica Thompson & Paige Newton

Photography: Paige Newton

The Oracles

HMU: Ashley Rae Hancock

Models: Mariah Brownwood, Cierra DelRosso, & Melissa Taylor Jenkins

Styling: Jessica Thompson

Costume Design: Melissa Taylor Jenkins of Katastrophic Clothing

Location: Palm Door on Sixth

Set Design: Paige Newton & Jessica Thompson 

Sea Siren:

HMU: Juli Ristau

Model: Devin Willow

Costume Design: Melissa Taylor Jenkins of Katastrophic Clothing

Art Direction: Jessica Thompson

Location: McKinney Falls

Woodland Animals:

Animal masks: Sarah Oppelt

Models: Crash Alchemy

Costume Design: Agent Red of Crash Alchemy

To read more about Crash Alchemy, please go here.